Shannon Michael Terry

Distressed Photography

Distressed photography is reductionism in photography. Working on the actual proofs, sometimes taking out the background completely, so the object is left to communicate with no distraction. Sanding with steel wool, sandpaper, sealing four or five photographs together in packages of cellophane, adding coffee grounds, salt, and water. The emulsion dissolves and reality along with it. The distinction between photography and painting begins to blur and what is left is an abstraction of an otherwise ordinary photograph. The obvious is torn away, turning realism upside down and looking at things in a novel way.

Distressed photography original collection is comprised of 19, 4” x 6” prints, that are mounted on aluminum with suede backing and placed in a custom aluminum box to complete the set. In addition, limited edition prints are made from the original work ranging from 4” x 6” to 72” x 48”.

Shannon Michael Terry

Born in Los Angeles, California, at an early age, Shannon was consumed with drawing, painting and assemblage. Today, as a multi-disciplinary artist, Shannon pursues photography, drawing, painting, poetry, music and sound.

For Shannon, photography is an exercise in observation; a deepening of awareness where inspiration and breath meet and the ephemeral is observed. He is most interested in objects, abstractions, shadow and light and how composition is formed through the subtle communication in any given environment. How we as people leave things in the world waiting to be discovered: a trash can, a discarded piece of paper, a television sitting on a curb, a mattress leaning on a tree, are all signs and symbols of humanity, objects pointing to the human element yet left with a voice of their own.